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USFCR Academy

The USFCR Academy is designed to provide USFCR clients with the information needed to become successful at federal contracting. The Academy hosts live training session conference calls every Monday at 4 PM ET and live webinars every other Wed. and Thu. These webinars include live question and answer periods. Participants are encouraged to submit questions via email, leading up to the webinar, and via chat during the webinars.

USFCR Academy Benefits

The Academy provides specific contract bid training lessons that help new and seasoned federal contractors successfully bid on contracts and improve their performance.

Benefits of subscribing to the USFCR Academy include:

  • Weekly Monday 4 PM ET Bid Training Webinar
  • Academy Live Wednesday 2 PM ET Lesson, Q&A, and On Demand Past Webinars
  • Submit Proposals/Bid, Capabilities Statements, and Debriefs for Review
  • On Demand Training Videos
  • Up to 5 Specific Bid Reviews Per Month
Learn About the USFCR Academy

Watch this short video to learn about the USFCR Academy.

USFCR Academy Schedule

Mondays at 4 PM ET - Contract Bid Training Webinar (Academy Clients Only) - This includes review of submitted capabilities statements, solicitations, proposals, and debriefs, and other contracting documents.

Wednesdays at 2 PM ET - USFCR Academy Live Webinar - (Open to All Who Register) - Features specific contract bidding topics and questions and answers.

USFCR is Here to Help

If you have any questions or would like assistance with federal registrations and contracting, call USFCR at:
(877) 252-2700
Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET

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